Fishing Boat

"Giorgaros" was the name of the first fisherman of the family, my loved 'pappous' Giorgaros otherwise George the great. He was born after 2nd world war..( still remember his scurs at his back from shooting guns)in 1960's  after the disaster of the big earthquake from Amorgos and the tsunami he raised a 10 members family with his fishing boat and a few vineyards. His 4 sons are all fishermen as well as many of his 35 grandchildren including me .

We are all so proud of him. 2007 was the year he left for his last trip. 2016 was the year i started the fishing tours with his name on my boat. Wish he could see me! He believed in me and we still love him .

"Giorgaros" fishing boat will lead you to the seas of Santorini for a memorable fishing tour in Santorini.

The sounds, the smooth floating on the water and the genuine hospitality of our crew will make you instantly feel like you were fishing in these seas all your life. Giorgaros fishing boat is equipped with:

  • A tour guide who speaks English and German and communicates comfortably in Italian Spanish and French.
  • Life jackets for adults and children
  • Snokerling Equipment
  • Fishing tourism license Security - fire safety
  • Two crew members with helmsman’s and fishing licenses
  • 15 meters traditional greek wooden fishing boat
  • Plenty of space for relaxing of fishing on the deck
  • Fishing Nets
  • Fishing Traps
  • Fishing Rods
  • 4 tables on sitting area
  • 1 cabin / 5 beds
  • WC